My Favorite Disney Park Bags

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Welcome back to KatDoesDisney! Last time, we talked about the top 5 things that are in my Disney park bag. This time, we will talk about the actual bags I love to use! So, let’s talk about my favorite Disney park bags!

Large Backpack

Regardless if you have kids or not, you may want to consider bringing a large backpack to carry everything! I always prefer a backpack because it is easy to organize and wear. Plus, you can quickly take it off to board an attraction. When looking for the perfect Disney Park backpack, you should look for something with padded shoulder straps, has multiple compartments, and is lightweight!

Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack

If you’re not sure you’ll need/use a regular backpack, you may want to consider bringing along a packable version. That way you’ll have one on hand just in case!

Mini Backpack

Seeing a trend here? I love bringing backpacks to Disney World. The first one I ever brought was a mini version back in high school. I’ve used one ever since! You just can’t beat the ease of function and wear and storage! The first mini backpack I had was a Jansport. I’ve since upgraded with having to tote along everything for a toddler. I absolutely LOVE the Hadley backpack by Vera Bradley! It is compact but fits all that I and my son need (yes, that includes diapers!). The different compartments and interior pockets keep everything organized. Plus, the microfiber fabric wears very well. I’ve had mine for over 2 years and the black fabric shows no wear and tear (and I’m not gentle with my bag at all!).

All in One Crossbody

So before kids, sometimes I could get away with going to the parks using just a small crossbody bag. This was especially true if we were only going to be in the parks for part of the day! The Vera Bradley RFID All in One Crossbody bag is perfect. It carries just the essentials and you can use it as a crossbody or wristlet!

The Fanny Pack

When I first started going to Disney World as a kid, fanny packs were all the rage. Boy, are they absolutely perfect for the theme parks. Everything is easy to reach, essentials are organized, and you don’t have to remove them to board an attraction. I stopped using them because they went out of style. However, I’ve seen a surge of fanny pack wearers lately, so maybe they are coming back!

So those are my favorite Disney Park bags. Which of these do you like to use?

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Until next time… Cheers!!

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