5 Must Haves for Kids While in the Disney Theme Parks

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Taking your kids to Disney is a lot of fun! However, being prepared can only make things easier on everyone. Thus, here are my 5 must haves for kids while in the Disney Theme Parks!

1. SnoozeShade

The SnoozeShade is a universal stroller cover that I simply cannot live without! It can be left open in the front, has an insect net panel, and a light-filtering sleep shade. Additionally, the fabric is breathable and non-flammable. The SnoozeShade serves 3 purposes: (1) protects from the intense UV rays; (2) provides an ideal sleeping/relaxing environment in the stroller; and (3) keeps flying insects away and kids bite-free! We always put a fan inside to keep my son cool while he sleeps. As a result, he takes 1+ hour naps in the stroller! Other parents and Cast Members alike approach me to ask about this product. It is my #1 must haves for kids while in the Disney Theme Parks!

Pro tip: I always throw the SnoozeShade in the washing machine when we get home so it is good to go for our next trip!

2. The Tile Mate

Cast Members at the Disney stroller parking stations move strollers around to optimize space. Thus, it can be impossible to locate yours in the Sea of Strollers! For example, we could not find ours outside of the Kilimanjaro Safaris until I activated our Tile. The Tile Mate can be zip tied to anything and, when activated, plays a song so you can locate your missing item! Since it works with a mobile app, you can signal other Tile users in the area of your missing item or even use the Tile to locate your phone. Don’t waste time trying to locate a missing stroller!

5 Must Haves for Kids While in the Disney Theme Parks
The Tile Mate (w/ rechargeable batteries) will help you keep track of your items while in Disney!

3. No-Spill Cups

Spills are no fun! It can be a pain-in-the-neck to try and clean up after one, so I recommend bringing no-spill cups that can be reused throughout the day (get free filtered water at any Baby Care Center!). These are the cups that I swear by (and you can see they are well used!): the Contigo Spill-Proof Tumbler, Philips Avent Straw Cup, and NUK Sippy Cup.

5 Must Haves for Kids While in the Disney Theme Parks
I love these no-spill cups! Pictured: Contigo Spill-Proof Straw Cup (back left), NUK Sippy Cup (front center), and the Philips Avent Straw Cup (back right).

4. Travel Potty Seat and Covers

Using a public restroom with a child can be challenging! This is why a travel potty seat and covers are on my list as must haves for kids while in Disney! The bathroom stalls can be a tight fit, so it is best to just have a potty seat that will make your child comfortable (and save your back!). This model by Firares folds up, stows away in a travel bag, and has no-slip grips! I always pair the travel seat with a disposable seat cover since my son has the nasty habit of grabbing the sides of the toilet when sitting (my germaphobic self just cringes at the thought).

Pro Tip: Bring Post-It notes with you to put over the auto-flush sensor. I learned the hard way my son is scared of the intense flush of an automatic public restroom toilet!

5 Must Haves for Kids While in the Disney Theme Parks
These are great for all potty breaks!

5. Stroller Rain Cover

In a previous post I mentioned that rain gear is a necessity! Thus, if you are bringing your own or the rental company does not provide one, a rain cover for your stroller is a must (I personally don’t want to find out how long it takes for a stroller to air dry…). I love the universal Zobo Premium Stroller Weather Shield! Not only does it keep my son and the stroller dry, but it has zippered flaps on the sides making it extremely easy to get my son in and out of the stroller. No need to take the cover off!

Bonus: Stroller fan (or 2!)

It seems like the Disney Theme Parks can be hot at anytime, so a clip on stroller fan is a must! I actually recommend having 2: one for your child in the stroller and a second pointing up at whoever is pushing the stroller! Vacation win!

I hope these must haves make for an easy-going trip for you and the kids at the Disney Theme Parks! If you plan on driving to Disney World with your family in tow, be sure to check out our post with tips to make the trip easier!


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