Sunday Snippet: Disney World McDonald’s Closes for Refurbishment

Welcome back to KatDoesDisney’s Sunday Snippet line-up! If McDonald’s is a must-do on your next Disney vacation, think again. That’s right! The Disney World McDonald’s is closed for refurbishment.

In case you missed the posts from this week, be sure to check them out! I talk about my top 5 Disney Park bag essentials as well as my favorite Disney Park bags!

Back to our fast-food announcement…

The last McDonald’s location on Disney World property is set to close its doors on October 30, 2019. Located on Buena Vista Drive, this restaurant is near the All-Star Value Resorts and Blizzard Beach water park.

Thanks to Google Maps, you can really see how close the McDonald’s is to the All-Star Resorts!

The refurbishment sounds extensive as it includes architecture updates and a new roof. Predictions are that the fast-food location will open sometime in 2020!

When this Disney World McDonald’s closes soon for refurbishment, we’ll have to wait a while to order a Big Mac!

Check back tomorrow for an all new full-length post!

Until then… Cheers!!

Love those McDonald’s fries!
Photo by: XUNO

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