Sunday Snippet: Disney Bedtime Hotline Returns

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope you are enjoying this lovely weekend. Welcome back to another installment in the Snippet series! I am SO HAPPY that the Disney Bedtime Hotline returned. Let’s talk more about it!

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If you have kids, then you know bedtime can be quite the challenge (understatement of the century?!). For reasons I will never understand, sometimes kids just won’t go to sleep. For a while, Disney released a Bedtime Hotline number that you and your children could call! You would then enjoy a special bedtime message from one of their favorite characters (Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, or Marvel).

Well, this magical Disney Bedtime Hotline is back!! Parents everywhere are rejoicing! Here’s what you have to do:

  • Dial 1 (877) 7- MICKEY (642539)
  • Press 2 to continue without receiving a ShopDisney text. Pressing 1 sends you a ShopDisney text about visiting the Sleep Shop for PJs.
  • Select a number to chose a character! The options are #1– Mickey; #2– Woody; #3– Princess Jasmine; #4– Anna & Elsa; #5- Yoda; #6– Spiderman
  • Pass your phone to your child!
  • Hang up when the message is complete
Disney Bedtime Hotline
(c) Disney (link)

Just keep in mind that mobile and data rates apply.

We listened to all of the options and the general message layout is the same for each character. The chosen character talks about their day, mentions how they are ready for bed, and then suggests that your child goes to bed as well! They are really cute messages and tailored perfectly to each character.

I’m wishing you all a magical bedtime! 🙂

Check back tomorrow for another full length post! Until then, cheers!!

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