All About the Disney Park Hopper Ticket

If you started your Disney World vacation planning, then you probably came across the different types of ticket upgrades, such as Park Hoppers! Don’t worry, because KatDoesDisney has you covered. Here’s our guide to the Disney Park Hopper ticket.

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Ticket Types

There are three main types of tickets for the Disney World Theme Parks: Base, Park Hopper, and Park Hopper Plus.

Base Ticket

The Base ticket will allow you entry into one park per day. You are allowed reentry to that same park throughout the day, you just can’t visit any others! Thus, if you go to Magic Kingdom in the morning and leave for an afternoon break, you can only visit Magic Kingdom again in the evening.

Base tickets are generally the least expensive option. Cost per ticket depends heavily upon the number of days and the time of year you visit. Generally, September is the cheapest time to visit Disney World.

Park Hopper Ticket

You are given the option to upgrade your Base ticket to a Park Hopper ticket. This upgrade allows you entry into all four parks in one day! Thus, you can visit Magic Kingdom in the morning, break for the afternoon, and spend the evening in Epcot (for example)!

There is a set price to upgrade your Base ticket, regardless of the number of days you are visiting. Currently, that cost is $60 USD per ticket.

Park Hopper Plus Ticket

The highest upgrade is the Park Hopper Plus option. This will allow you entry to all four parks in one day as well as the Disney World water parks and extra experiences. These “extras” include entry to ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex,  Oak Trail Golf CourseFantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Course, and Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course. The number of times you can enjoy these extras is based on the length of your Base ticket. Therefore, if you have seven days on your Base ticket, you can enjoy these extras seven times!

Like the Park Hopper upgrade, there is a set price for Park Hopper Plus. Currently, that cost is $80 USD per ticket.

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Is the Park Hopper Worth It?

So is upgrading to the Disney Park Hopper ticket worth it? Honestly, that depends upon several things such as:

  • The length of your stay. If you are only staying for a short time at Disney World, then you may want to consider the Park Hopper option. That way you can experience all of the theme parks in a short amount of time. Just be aware that you will not get to do it all! On the flip side, if you are staying a long time, then it may be nice to have the flexibility of the Park Hopper option.
  • Travel during busy times of the year. If you plan on visiting The World during the busy holiday season, for instance, then it would be nice to start off at one park and switch to another, less crowded park as the day goes on.
  • Plan on burning that midnight oil! Before kids, my husband and I would start off in one park and finish the day at another park that had late night Extra Magic Hours. We were once out having fun for 17 hours! That was possible with a Park Hopper ticket.
  • Stay near Epcot. We adore the BoardWalk Inn because of its proximity to Epcot. It was a quick walk over to enjoy the infamous cuisine of World Showcase! Thus, if you are staying near Epcot, the Park Hopper upgrade may be worth it to you.
  • You want to visit the “extras.” The Park Hopper Plus upgrade will only be worth it if you love water parks and/or want to experience golfing and the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. If you want to stick to the Disney World Theme Parks, then the Park Hopper Plus option may not be right for you.
You and your family can enjoy the Disney water parks on the Park Hopper Plus upgrade!

All-in-all, the Disney Park Hopper ticket can be a smart upgrade, however, it is not needed to experience that Disney World magic!

What are your thoughts on the Park Hopper? Do you upgrade when you visit? Tell me in the comments below!

Until next time… Cheers!!

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