7 Must-Haves for Your Disney World Vacation

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After many trips to The World, I have a list of my must-have products that always go in our suitcases! I either use these products every time we go or had a case where I wish I had them on hand! These are items that everyone in the family will need (I’ll post my list of must-haves for kids soon!). Read below for KatDoesDisney.com’s 7 Must-Haves for your Disney World Vacation.

1. Sun Protectants

You cannot travel to Disney World without sunscreen and either a hat or sunglasses (or both!). It doesn’t matter what time of year you go, Florida sun can be very strong. We were sunburned during our last trip in February! Sunscreen can be pricey at Disney, so do yourself a favor and bring some! Additionally, my whole family has baseball hats that are specifically for our Disney trips. It feels so good to get those out of the closet and into our suitcases. It means vacation is around the corner!

Pro tip: Also bring aloe and place it in the refrigerator. It’ll provide some much needed relief to your sun exposed skin!

Sunprotectants for Disney World
Gotta have protection from the intense Floridian sun!

2. Rain Gear

There are equal chances of encountering both sun and rain in Disney World. Florida rain can be intense, so you will definitely need rain gear. I recommend bringing disposable and reusable ponchos and umbrellas. I pack just the disposable ones if there is a slight chance it will rain that day and bring along the reusable ones if rain is inevitable! Disney does sell ponchos in the parks, however, they are on the pricey side. Plus, a lot of people purchase these ponchos, so everyone looks the same wearing them! You can easily lose track of your family in the sea of Disney World ponchos. If you bring brightly colored ones from home, it’ll be easier to stay together! The umbrellas I bring are compact and easy to put in my backpack or under the stroller. They are also brightly colored so it is easy to see the members of my family!

On that same note, you’ll also want to consider footwear. I prefer sneakers, however, I always pack two pairs in case one gets soaked from the rain. I heard some people recommend Teva sandals as great options for those rainy days (they supposedly dry quickly and are comfortable).

3. Portable Chargers

You will be amazed at how often you will use your electronics devices in Disney World! I am constantly on the My Disney Experience and Play Disney Parks apps, taking pictures and video, and sending texts to my friends and family who wish they were on vacation with us. My battery drains quickly as a result, so having a portable charger is key. We purchased ours online, but Disney does have FuelRod stations throughout the parks and resorts. However, these FuelRods are $5 more than if you were to purchase them off property. Additionally, I heard that they may begin charging you a fee (perhaps $3) to exchange your FuelRod for a fresh one (currently you can swap your used one out for free). That fee can really add up if you swap your FuelRod multiple times, so just keep that in mind.

4. Moleskin

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever bring shoes that are not broken in. You will get blisters! You do a lot of walking in the theme parks. To give you an idea, before kids, my husband and I would walk 15-20 miles a day! Now, we average 10 miles. You absolutely need sneakers that are broken in. However, even the most comfortable shoes can give you blisters. In comes the moleskin! We needed this during our last trip and it was a lifesaver!

Pro tip: I learned this from a cast member… If you do not have mole skin, put a panty liner in your shoe. It works just as well and will save your feet (and vacation!)… Mic drop…

5. Bitbelts

The MagicBands are incredibly convenient! They serve as your park tickets, Fastpasses, and resort room keys. I love wearing mine, but I found that they can easily snap apart and fall off your wrist. I purchased a pack of Bitbelts that slide over the straps and secure the MagicBand. They come in a variety of colors, so I can coordinate it with my MagicBand. I swear by them!

Pro tip: Don’t have a Bitbelt? No worries- an elastic hair band will work just as well!

BitBelts for your Disney MagicBands.
Bitbelts make sure you don’t lose your MagicBand!

6. Bug Spray

Disney has an extensive program to combat mosquitos on property. They do a great job of keeping the population under control, however, I have received some bites during my summer visits (mosquitos find me especially delicious!). If I’m traveling during peak mosquito season, I always make sure to bring bug spray with me.

7. Liquid Soap

Disney resorts’ H2O plus products provided in your hotel rooms are absolutely wonderful! I love the fresh scents and keep a stash to bring home (shhhh- don’t tell!). The toiletries they supply do not include liquid soap, so if you need to wash anything (toddler cups, for example), you will be out of luck. Just bring along a small bottle of liquid soap and you’re set!

I hope this list helps you pack for your Disney World vacation! Post in the comments below if you have something to add to our “Must-Haves for your Disney World vacation” list!


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