Disney World Packing Tips!

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I figured the best way to begin is, well, at the beginning! I try my best to be organized and I find that organization definitely helps when preparing for a vacation at The World. It can be a bit challenging if you forget items since Disney World does not have a pharmacy or big box store (oh how I miss my Tarjay!) on property. If you are driving or renting a car, it is a bit easier to get any items you may need. You can also catch a ride or order from Amazon, but this can all take precious time away from your vacation. So, here are my packing tips for a vacation to Disney World:

1. Have a Designated Disney “Box”

What I like to do is have some sort of an empty vessel to throw items in whenever an idea pops into my head (of course, this usually happens at night when I’m trying to catch some much needed Z’s). Any box will do! I’ve even just opened up one of our suitcases and thrown things in there. This way your are less likely to forget something if you have a central location to store everything. Neatness doesn’t matter here- as long as the items are in the box, they will make it to Disney!

2. Bring Layers!

I cannot stress layers enough! Florida can have some pretty wonky weather. During our last trip in February/March, the first few days were high 80s and sunny while the last few days were rainy and brisk (in the 40s). Fortunately, we were relatively prepared since I learned how important layers are in the past. You may be thinking “but, Kat, I’m going in July when it is guaranteed to be very hot! I won’t need layers.”Let me humor you… Yes, in the summertime it is brutally hot and Disney World does not have a shortage of air conditioning. Thus, you can be hot and sweaty walking around, but once you step inside an attraction building, store, or dining location, that air conditioning can be COLD! My advice is to consider layers during the summertime, especially if you have an ADR (advanced dining reservation) and plan to stay inside for a bit.

3. Each Person has a Toiletry Bag

I figured this out just in time for our last trip! I used to use clear plastic bags to store everything, but I found that they opened in transit and never offered much protection to the items inside. It wasn’t until my husband bought a nice toiletry bag for himself that I discovered my son and I each needed one as well! While my husband got his in the Epcot’s Norway Pavilion gift shop, I ordered mine and my son’s from Amazon. I love our hanging bags by Freegrace! The pockets hold everything in place, there’s room for everything we needed, and it can be accessed easily by simply hanging it up! Having nice toiletry bags is now a no-brainer!

The best toiletry bags
Toiletry bags help keep each person of your family organized!

4. Have a Clear Communal Toiletry Bag

Ok, so I just went over my new love of toiletry bags and here’s another way to use them! Anything that is communal, take medicines for example, can be placed into a central bag and easily accessed by everyone. I purchased a clear plastic one and put all of our medications inside. It made the bag itself easy to spot and it made locating the needed medication So. Much. Easier. Vacation win!

Clear toiletry bag for communal items!
Having a clear toiletry bag for communal items is a must-have!

5. Keep a Running List Handy

I love using the Notes app on my iPhone to keep a list of things to pack handy. I can easily edit the list anytime since I usually have my phone with me. Another option is to use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to help you with updating that Disney list! You never know when you will remember something to bring!

I hope these tips help you pack more easily for your upcoming Disney World vacation! If you have any tips you’d like to share, please leave them in the comments below!


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