Bringing Pets to Disney World

Do you consider your pet a member of your family? If so, I’m sure you’ve wondered if your “furbaby” can tag along on a Disney trip. Therefore, today’s post is a fun one and all about bringing pets to Disney World. Enjoy 🙂

So… Is bringing pets to Disney World a possibility? The short answer is yes, you can! Here is all the information you’ll need to know for your furry friend to tag along on your next trip to The World!

Bringing Pets to Disney World

Dog- Friendly Hotels

In 2017, Disney began a pilot program allowing guests to bring canine companions to select resorts. Fortunately, this program continues to be active! There are 4 Disney resorts that have dog-friendly accommodations:

What makes these resorts dog-friendly are the available amenities for your canine. The rooms have easy access to outside walkways for exercise and grassy spaces for relief areas. There are specially designated dog-friendly sections of the resort. The rest of the Disney resorts are canine-free to protect those with allergies. This, of course, excludes service animals and applies to companion dogs only.

Of course, there are a few rules if you bring your dog along to stay at a Disney World resort. There is a maximum of 2 dogs permitted to stay in a single room. Your dog must be well-behaved, vaccinated, and on a leash in public areas. Currently, only dogs are allowed at the resorts!

Additionally, there is a $50 USD/night pet cleaning fee added onto your resort stay ($75 USD/ night for the Yacht Club Resort). This fee is reduced to $5 USD/night if your pet is staying in your RV at The Cabins at Fort Wilderness.

Be sure to let the Cast Member or travel agent know your dog will be joining you on your Disney World vacation! That way you will receive the Pluto’s Welcome Kit. This package includes a mat, dog bowls, a pet ID tag, plastic bags, a few puppy pads, and dog walking maps.

Bringing Pets to Disney World

Riding the Magical Express

We talked all about the Magical Express motorcoach in our Ultimate Guide to Walt Disney World Transportation post. Briefly, this is the complimentary service that takes Disney resort guests to and from the Orlando International (MCO) airport. If you fly with your canine companion, you can actually bring them onboard! However, they must be in a pet carrier that fits on 1 of the motorcoach seats. The Magical Express will only allowed dogs onboard. They cannot ride in the storage compartment.


There are some restrictions to where you can bring your dog on the Disney World property. Canine companions (excluding service animals) are not allowed in the theme parks, water parks, or common areas such as restaurants, pools, and recreational areas.

Best Friends Pet Care

Have no fear if you want to enjoy the Disney World parks! Located on site is the Best Friends Pet Care facility. Best Friends Pet Care at Disney World is a luxury, state-of-the-art pet facility that offers boarding, daycare, grooming and training for dogs, cats and other family pets in a safe and fun environment. They are open 1 hour before the Disney World parks open and remain so until 1 hour after the parks close. There is a canine behavioral screening prior to admittance to make sure your dog is a good fit for the facility. Be sure to check their website for special events or even discounts (like the 1st day or night FREE!)!

Bringing Pets to Disney World

Overnight Stays

There is no need to worry if your visit to Disney World is the right length. You can book an overnight stay for your pet at the Best Friends Pet Care center that lasts 1 to several days! However, reservations are highly suggested for your dog, cat, or pocket pet!

Canine accommodations include:

  • VIP Luxury Suite ($109 USD/day): 226- square foot room with 2 potty walks, 2 playgroup sessions, flat-screen TV, webcam, bedtime story, and a bath (if staying longer than 3 days)
  • Vacation Villa ($93 USD/day): 72-square foot room with 1 potty walk, 1 playgroup session, flat-screen TV, and a turn down biscuit
  • Indoor/Outdoor Suite ($49 USD/day): 1 potty walk
  • Indoor Suite ($44 USD/day): 36-square foot room with 2 potty walks
  • Activities are (may include an additional fee): Cuddletime, walk and explore, ice cream break, holiday meal, premium bed
Bringing Pets on a Disney World Vacation
Photo by: Jamie Street

Feline accommodations include:

  • 2 level condo ($28 USD/day)
  • 4 level condo ($40 USD/day)
  • Activities are (may include an additional fee): playtime, cookies & milk, tuna on a cracker, activity toy, deluxe kitty bed
Bringing Pets on a Disney World Vacation
Photo by: Amber Renae

Pocket Pet accommodations include:

  • The pocket pet (bird, reptile [non-venomous], and rodent) must be in a provided enclosure. Daily fees are based on the enclosure size:
  • Small enclosure ($13 USD/day)
  • Medium enclosure ($17 USD/day)
  • Large enclosure ($22 USD/day)
  • X-Large enclosure ($25 USD/day)

Doggy Daycare Services

Under the supervision of a certified camp counselor, your pouch can enjoy some slobbery fun with other Disney dogs! These full day doggy daycare sessions include group play time, food break (premium chow is provided or you can bring your own), naptime/relaxation time, and more play time! Pricing for this camp is:

  • 1 full day session- $27 USD/day
  • 5 full day sessions- $25 USD/day
  • 20 full day sessions- $24 USD/day


No facility is complete without a doggy salon! You can pamper your pet with a basic shampoo and brush or get the bath, brush, and haircut package. Want a little more luxury? Then check out their add-ons including nail trimming, shedding treatment, or teeth brushing!


Best Friends Pet Care also offers dog training for the novice or advanced! You can opt for private, group, or even in-home sessions. Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks?

I hope this gives you a better idea of the options when bringing your pets to Disney World! Where can I sign-up for the Best Friends Pet Care? I’d like a bedtime story! 😉

Be sure to check back for a post on service animals at Disney World.

Until next time! Cheers!!

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