Disney World Dinosaur Activities for Kids

Disney World has fantastic offerings for kids. However, are your little ones into dinosaurs?! If they are, have no fear because Disney World has some amazing dinosaur activities for kids!

Here are the BEST dinosaur spots for kids around Disney World!

Animal Kingdom

If you and your pint sized dinosaur lover are heading to the Disney World theme parks, your first stop has to be Animal Kingdom!  There is an entire area completely dedicated to dinosaurs called DinoLand USA! Get ready for some prehistoric fun!

Donald’s Dino Bash:

This is a relatively new party featuring Donald Duck. He recently learned that birds evolved from dinosaurs and decided to throw an epic Dino Bash. This celebration includes music, dancing, and special meet and greet opportunities. The characters are scattered around DinoLand and sporting their finest prehistoric gear!

Disney World Dinosaur Kids


Just past the main entrance to DinoLand USA is the Boneyard. This is an educational playground featuring fun for all kids! This dig site features slides, tunnels, rope ladders, and that wonderful “squishy” floor! Budding archaeologists can stop by the sandbox area and try their luck at finding dinosaur bones! This is also a great location for kids to burn off any excess energy.

Chester & Hester’s Dino-rama:

Located within DinoLand is Chester & Hester’s Dino-rama! This is a mini-land comprised of midway games and carnival type rides. If you want to try your luck at any of the games, get there early in the day! The crowds are typically low so you are almost guaranteed to win a prize (just be sure you have enough players!).

Primeval Whirl:

Right next to the Dinorama midway game area is Primeval Whirl. Now, guests either love or hate this ride! This is a coaster-type attraction that zips, zooms, twirls, and swirls you through time. The height requirement is 48 in (122cm). However, just make sure it won’t be too much for your child to handle!

TriceraTop Spin:

This is a go-to attraction for us in DinoLand USA! TriceraTop Spin is the dinosaur equivalent to Dumbo in Magic Kingdom. Board your very own triceratop and soar over DinoLand! There are controls to raise or lower your dino. When you’re up high, be sure to enjoy the breeze!


If you have brave kids in your party, you can certainly check out DINOSAUR. Board a time machine and travel back in time to save a beloved Iguanadon! Just watch out for meteors and meat-eating dinosaurs! This ride is intense and takes place in the dark. Guests must be 40 in (102 cm) or taller to ride.

Disney Springs

Next stop on our list for the best Disney World dinosaur activities for kids is Disney Springs! There is a dinosaur-themed location within this elegant shopping and dining district that will please your dino lover! Plus, no ticket is required!


Located within the Marketplace section of Disney Springs is T-Rex. This dinosaur-themed restaurant hosts animatronic animals and highly immersive dining rooms. Although the food is fairly standard, the theming is what’s up! Your child will simply adore eating underwater, in an ice cave, or among the most amazing dinosaurs. Keep your eyes peeled for a gigantic undulating octopus, wooly mammoths, and even high flying pterosaurs. There’s even a 15 foot T-Rex! Plus, you get to experience a meteor shower every 20 minutes! 


While you’re at T-Rex, be sure to stop by the Build-a-Dino. Hosted by Build-a-Bear Workshop, your little one can customize and bring home their very own jurassic friend! This makes a one-of-a-kind souvenir that your pint-sized dino lover will adore!

Dino Store at T-Rex:

Your trip back in time wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Dino Store in T-Rex! Here your young archaeologist will certainly find the best dinosaur-themed souvenir to take home. 

Those are the best Disney World dinosaur spots for kids! I hope you and your little one make some jurassic memories!

Until next time… Cheers!!

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