Disney World Baby Care Centers

A Disney World vacation is fun for the whole family, even with little ones in tow! Disney truly caters to family life, with the prime example being its Baby Care Centers. Thus, today’s post will be all about the Disney World Baby Care Centers!

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We traveled to Disney World when my son was less than 1 year old! I was nervous that we would find ourselves in the theme parks without an essential item (every parent’s nightmare)! However, my nerves faded away once we visited our first Baby Care Center. They are an amazing resource for any young family!

What are the Baby Care Centers?

The Disney World Baby Care Centers are complimentary facilities that offer specialized amenities for families with infants and toddlers. Each Center is equipped with:

  • Private nursing rooms with rocking chairs
  • Feeding areas with highchairs
  • Kitchens with a microwave, oven and sink
  • Diaper-changing rooms
  • Essential items for sale

These Care Centers are open during normal park operating hours. Each one has an attending Cast Member that maintains the facility and assists guests!

Where are the Baby Care Centers?

There are Baby Care Centers located in each of the 4 Disney World theme parks. They are usually located next to the First Aid Centers.

  • Magic Kingdom: Between Casey’s Corner and The Crystal Palace
  • Epcot: In the same building as the Odyssey Center
  • Animal Kingdom: Behind Creature Comforts (the Starbucks location)
  • Hollywood Studios: To the left as soon as you enter through the park’s main entrance

The Best Baby Care Center Resources

The Disney Baby Care Centers are top-notch and offer amazing resources! We used them at least twice a day and even took rests in their lounge areas. Here are some of our favorite resources:

  • Filtered water- I loved that I could make formula or get a much needed water bottle fill-up!
  • Clean changing tables- The changing tables all come with paper liners that are replaced after each use. Some of the tables are even extra large and padded (as in Magic Kingdom and Epcot). It made those diaper changes extra easy!
  • Items available for purchase- We ran out of Tylenol one day at the parks, but the Baby Care Center rescued us! They even sell other OTC medications, diapers, diaper wipes, formula, and Pedialyte. Just a word of caution… the diapers are very pricey!
  • Sink and dish soap- This was extra convenient whenever I needed to wash cups, bottles, or anything else!

You need to see it to believe it!!

Here is a great video from the Disney Parks Moms Panel on these amazing Disney World Baby Care Centers. Enjoy!

If you’re traveling to Disney World with an infant or toddler, be sure to take advantage of the Baby Care Centers!

Tune in next week for another full length post! Until then… Cheers!!

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