Sunday Snippet: Tips for Seeing Frozen 2 with a Toddler

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Happy Frozen 2 opening weekend!! The much anticipated sequel finally premiered and we couldn’t have been more excited at KatDoesDisney. After going to a matinee showing, here are the 3 best tips for seeing Frozen 2 with a toddler!

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All members of our family loved the movie, but wished we were more prepared for seeing Frozen 2 with a toddler. Sitting still for over an hour is difficult for any young child. Thus, learn from our mistakes so you and your kiddo can enjoy the movie in all its glory!

1. Run Around!

I can’t emphasize this one enough! Allow your toddler to get all that excess energy out before going to see the movie. Let them run around beforehand… or even play a game of tag before driving to the theater!

2. Skip the Pre-Show Trailers

We would’ve seen Frozen 2 in its entirety if we had skipped the trailers! There are 30 minutes of them before the movie even begins. I saw many parents and young children walking into the theater just as the movie was starting. They were the smart ones! This works especially well if you can select your seats ahead of time. Pick ones that are on the end of the aisle so you can quickly get settled right as Frozen 2 begins!

3. Have Lots of Snacks

There’s no better way to keep a toddler sitting still than providing yummy snacks. We had several options that worked to keep our toddler quiet and sitting peacefully!

Bonus: Noise Cancelling Headphones

If your toddler scares easily from loud noises, then be sure to bring a pair of noise cancelling headphones with you! We brought ours and it made our kiddo much more comfortable in the theater. The fear of loud noises is gone and replaced with relaxation and enjoyment (for every member of the family!).

I hope these tips help you and your toddler enjoy Frozen 2 and any other movie that comes along!

Do you have any tips to share? Please tell me in the comments below!

Check back on Thursday for another full length post. Until then… Cheers!!

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