Sunday Snippet: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Opens in Disneyland

It’s hard to believe, but Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened on May 31st in Disneyland Resort in California! Let’s talk about this is today’s Sunday Snippet.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Disneyland
The characters wander around Galaxy’s Edge! There are no set meet-and-greets!

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Unparalleled Immersion

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge was promised to be the most immersive Disney land yet and, based on reviews so far, it definitely is! Imagineering has really raised the bar for theme park experiences because Galaxy’s Edge truly is a “living land”. The Disney Play app allows guests to transform their mobile devices into datapads that unlock a deeper level of storytelling. The immersion doesn’t end there as even iconic Star Wars characters roam around Batuu and interact with guests.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Disneyland
You will be completely immersed in Batuu!

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

The showpiece of Galaxy’s Edge is the Millennium Falcon herself! You will get to walk around the exterior of ship to enter into the Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run attraction. After the ride’s pre-show, you will wait in the ship’s main hold and lounge. Be sure to look around because the attention to detail is outta this world! Once getting your role assignment (pilot, gunner, or engineer), you enter into the cockpit and begin your journey. The ship reacts to your every move and is said to be unlike anything else on Disney property.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Disneyland
Check out the Millennium Falcon!

Interactive Souvenirs

When it comes to purchasing a droid or lightsaber, guests will get to experience something that is unlike anything else is the Disney parks. This actually serves to extend the storytelling even further within the land! At the Droid Depot, Guests will be able to customize their very own droid and select droid parts on a conveyer belt. These droids can interact with the land and can become upgraded to have unique personalities. Also, making your own lightsabers is more of a show because you will actually learn about the ancient history of these devices!

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Disneyland
The souvenirs include actually experiences that are unparalleled!

I don’t know about you, but I am truly blown away by what is offered in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland. The level of immersion is truly an out of this world experience. I feel like every visit will be unique! Read more about the merchandise and food in our previous posts!

What are you most excited about in Galaxy’s Edge? Tell me in the comments below!

Be sure to check us out tomorrow for another full length post! Until then… Cheers!!

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