Sunday Snippet: Minnie Vans at Disney World

Happy Sunday and welcome back to the Snippet series. Disney made an announcement this week about the popularity of the Minnie Vans at the Disney World resort. Since we talked about this service in our Ultimate Guide to Disney World Transportation earlier, this is a great follow-up post!

Also, don’t forget to read our article about the increase in Annual Passholder prices to see if it is still worth it for you!

Minnie Vans at Disney World
The Minnie Van fleet is decked out in the colors and polka dots of Minnie Mouse herself!

About the Minnie Vans at Disney World

The Minnie Vans at Disney World are a personal ride service that guests can use around property or to and from the Orlando International (MCO) Airport. This is a mode of Disney transportation that you must pay for. However, given its reliability and convenience, it is very popular. So much so that the fleet hit a major milestone by transporting 1 million guests!

Guests can book and pay for a ride on the Minnie Vans directly through the Lyft app. Given its success, Disney announced that Lyft will be the official rideshare service of Disney World and Disneyland.

New Enhancements to the Minnie Van Service

As early as this fall, guests will get to experience new enhancements to the rideshare service at Disney World. It was released that one of the enhancements will be to the app itself. Guests will be able to more efficiently request a ride, find the most convenient pickup spot, and even select an accessible vehicle. Here’s a great clip about the Minnie Vans at Disney World:

I highly recommend the Minnie Van service, especially if you are traveling with kids. The fact that they have carseats to fit the needs of any aged child is worth it! I suggest trying out a Minnie Van if you are heading to Magic Kingdom. It’ll take you right to the front of the park!

Be sure to look out for those unmistakable Minnie Vans the next time you’re at Disney World!

Check back tomorrow for a fun post about the Festival of Fantasy Parade in Magic Kingdom!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Cheers!!

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