The Best Tips for Making the Most of Animal Kingdom

Hi all and welcome back to our best tips posts! I am very excited to share this week’s tips with you as it is in one the “wildest” parks in Disney World. Without further delay, here are our best tips for making the most of your visit to Animal Kingdom!

#1 Beat the Heat

There’s no getting around it, Animal Kingdom is a HOT park. The heat and humidity in central Florida is no joke and it can be difficult to escape in Animal Kingdom. We highly recommend our tried and true methods for beating the heat in Animal Kingdom! Always be sure to stay hydrated and take breaks! As a matter of fact, taking breaks is one of our universal (no pun intended!) tips for visiting Disney World.

#2 See the Animals Early

One of our best tips in Animal Kingdom is to visit the animals early in the day. The cooler morning temperatures make for more active animals! You’ll want to visit these locations to see them (and, yes, definitely check out those trails!):

Definitely check out the Conservation Station early in the day as you may just be able to see the Animal Kingdom veterinarians at work! They have an actual viewing section into the exam and surgery rooms. It is really neat to be able to see it!

#3 Eat at Satu’li Canteen

Seriously, you’ll want to eat at Satu’li Canteen. It is arguable one of the best quick service restaurants in all of Disney World. The bowls that they serve (choice of base, meat, and dressing) are completely customizable and totally delicious! We always look forward to eating here on our trips to Animal Kingdom.

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Until next time… Cheers!!!

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