Park Hopper Returns to Disney World

Good morning and welcome back to another week at KatDoesDisney! We are very excited to dedicate an entire to post to one of our favorite (and boy to I mean favorite!) things to do at Disney World. You guessed it… Park Hop! That’s right, after a long hiatus, the Park Hopper returns to Disney World (with a few modifications). Let’s get right into it!

What is Park Hopper?

The Park Hopper option allows guests to “hop” from one theme park to another within Disney World. Theoretically, this meant you could visit all four parks in just one day! As a matter of fact, some people made it a challenge! The Park Hopper perk is included in the purchase of all Annual Passes as well as available as a regular ticket add-on. We always opt for Park Hopper as we typically begin our day in one park and finish with dinner at another (usually Epcot!).

This service was suspended due to the pandemic, however, Park Hopper returns in it’s glory this year (2021) to Disney World!

How Has it Changed?

Pre-pandemic, if you had the Park Hopper option or an Annual Pass, you would just need to scan your MagicBand at the turnstiles at each park for the day. And, viola, you’d be allowed entry! This time, however, you’ll still need to make a Park reservation for the first location you intend to visit that day. You must then redeem your Park Pass reservation at the beginning of the day. Once you do both the reservation and visit the first park, starting at 2 PM, you are eligible to hop to another park. Therefore, the ability to Park Hop begins at 2 PM and ends at park closing. Be sure to check the official Disney World schedule to see when each park will close for the day!

Right now, a second, third, etc. reservation is not required for the park you hop to next. However, there’s a catch… You can only hop to another location IF that park has NOT reached capacity. This is to ensure guest and cast member safety in accordance with social distancing guidelines. Make sense, right?

And, yes, you can visit all four parks in one day with this modified Park Hopping system!

park hopper returns disney
Graphic by DisneyParksBlog

How to Check Park Capacity?

If you wish to visit another park at 2 PM, Disney is instructing guests to check the My Disney Experience app to make sure the next park has not reached capacity. Be sure to enable push notifications for the My Disney Experience app as it will alert you when a park does reach capacity for the day.

You can also call a number (407-560-5000) to check park capacities, if it is more convenient! When in doubt, just ask a Cast Member as well!

What About Other Reservations?

What if you and your party made a pre-booked experience at another park later in the day (think dining, Savi’s Workshop, or Droid Depot), but began your day in Magic Kingdom? Unfortunately, if the second park reaches capacity, you will be out of luck! No park hopping allowed for you. That could spell trouble as missed dining or other reservations incur a no show fee! Therefore, Disney recommends you make all bookings and reservations at only one park for the day. So if you really want to make your own lightsaber, just be sure to stay at Hollywood Studios!

What About Transportation?

Complimentary transportation is being offered for guests hopping from park to park. The buses and skyliners are up and running! However, the monorail between Epcot and Magic Kingdom is still not active. A general rule of thumb with Disney transportation, allow for at least one hour to travel to your destination! They are notorious for travel delays!

Note: When you go to  board the bus, they will check to make sure you meet the qualifications to Park Hop!

Check out Molly’s video from

What do you think about these changes to Park Hopping? Tell me in the comments below!

Until next time… Cheers!!!

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