Is Disney Genie+ Worth It?

Hi all and welcome back to another post on KatDoesDisney! Disney Genie+ is all the rage right now and at $15 per person per day, it’s not a cheap add-on to your next trip. So, today we are going to see if buying the new Disney Genie+ is worth it for your next trip to the world.

If you need a refresher on Genie+, be sure to check out this previous post!

We here at KatDoesDisney always budget our Disney World vacations. There are just so many ways to spend money! One thing that is important to us is waiting as little as possible for our favorite Disney attractions. Since FastPass+ is gone, the only way to guarantee little to no wait is through purchasing Genie+ or the Individual Lightening Lanes. After doing some diligent research, here are scenarios where we feel purchasing Genie+ or Individual Lightening Lanes is worth the extra money!

#1 At Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is the most attraction-dense park of all of Walt Disney World. Everywhere you turn there is an attraction queue! With the majority of the attractions listed under Genie+ at Magic Kingdom, you definitely get your money’s worth at this park. We’ve mentioned this before in a previous post, but if you have younger kids, Magic Kingdom is a very stimulating park. If you can get more done before the meltdowns ensue, then Genie+ is worth the extra fee!

#2 Disney World Resort Guests

Guests staying on-property at either a Disney World owned Resort Hotel or a Good Neighbor Hotel, have an advantage. These guests can book their first Genie+ or Individual Lightening Lane attraction at 7AM. Everyone else can do so at that Park’s opening time. There is still a 120 minute grace period that you will have to wait before booking another reservation, however, you can start stacking them if you book at 7AM.

#3 Travel During Busy Season

It seems like Disney World is busy no matter the time of year! However, there are still days (the holidays, for instance) where you can expect the heaviest of crowds. During these times, Genie+ or the Individual Lightening Lanes can help you maximize you time in the Disney Parks. That makes the paying for Disney Genie+ worth it!

#4 For Those Must-Dos

We all have a list of must-dos for every Disney trip! The more we can check off that list, the better! So if there is a way to guarantee you can ride a must-do with little to no wait, then it justifies the extra cost. So far, the most popular attractions seem to be Rise of the Resistance (of course!), Slinky Dog Dash, and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. These are all Individual Lightening Lane purchases.

We will always purchase Disney Genie+ for our Magic Kingdom days as we definitely see the worth there! Tell us in the comments below if you will be purchasing Disney Genie+ or Individual Lightening Lane attractions during your next trip!

Until next time… Cheers!!!

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