Disney World’s Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC)

Hello! I hope you had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day! Today we are going to be talking about a place everyone will almost certainly encounter on their trip to Magic Kingdom (and sometimes Epcot!). That’s right, Disney World’s Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) is your gateway to the most magical theme park on the planet!

Before reading on, be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to Walt Disney World Transportation!

General TTC Information

The Transportation and Ticket Center, or TTC as it is commonly called, is located on the Seven Seas Lagoon opposite Magic Kingdom and next to the Polynesian Village Resort. Here, all resort guests have access to a variety of transportation options as well as ticket sales, security checks, and even a snack location.

Guests staying at the Polynesian Village Resort are the only ones to have pedestrian access to TTC. After a quick walk, they can catch a Ferry or monorail to Magic Kingdom or even a monorail to Epcot.

Guide to Walt Disney World transportation

Monorail, Ferry and Bus Service

As noted in the name, the TTC has different transportation options that brings guests to Magic Kingdom or Epcot. Be sure to check out our detailed post on all of the transportation services provided at Disney World!

Monorail Station

That’s right! The infamous monorails pass through the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) for guests to use and enjoy. There are three monorail lines:

  • Express Monorail: direct service to and from Magic Kingdom
  • Resort Monorail: makes stops at the Polynesian Village Resort, The Grand Floridian, and the Contemporary Resort. This line also provides service to the Magic Kingdom.
  • Epcot Monorail: direct service to and from Epcot

Ferry Station

Guests also have the option of boarding a ferry and sail the Seven Seas Lagoon to Magic Kingdom’s entrance. These ferry boats depart every 10-20 minutes and have 2 levels for guests to enjoy the spectacular views! There is limited seating on these vessels, so most guests will be standing.

Bus Station

Most of the time the TTC’s bus station is utilized by non-Disney-owned properties. These include off-property hotels, charter buses, and public transportation buses. In the last few years, Disney constructed a beautiful bus terminal adjacent to the Magic Kingdom’s entrance gates. So bus service for that theme park goes directly to that terminal. If Disney is anticipating a very crowded day at Magic Kingdom (mostly pre-pandemic), then they would offer bus service from TTC directly to the bus terminal in front of Magic Kingdom.

Ride Shares

Another popular mode of transportation are ride shares (and taxis). Guests that opt to take an Uber, Lyft or taxi to or from Magic Kingdom, will be dropped off or picked up at the TTC. The designated location for these services is near the bus terminal. These guests will then need to use another form of transportation offered through the TTC to cross the Seven Seas Lagoon to get to Magic Kingdom.

Guests who opt to use the Minnie Van service will be dropped off and picked up at the Disney bus terminal at the front entrance of the Magic Kingdom. This is a huge perk to using a Minnie Van (and one that we personally take advantage of!).


All guests driving to the Magic Kingdom will need to park in one of the HUGE parking lots at the TTC. Unfortunately, there is no parking lot closer to the theme park itself. Walt Disney designed this purposefully as he wanted guests to enjoy the “big reveal” of Magic Kingdom as they crossed the Seven Seas Lagoon. Once parked, guests will then need to catch a monorail or ferry (and, if available, a bus) to reach Magic Kingdom. There are 2 main parking lots themed as either heros or villians.

Pro tip: Take a picture of where your car is located so you can easily find it at the end of your day!

Other Amenities

There are also ticket booths available with Cast Members to assist in any purchases, issues, or questions. There is also a dedicated security and bag check at the TTC. This way guests will be screened prior to entering Magic Kingdom.

There’s also a small snack kiosk that serves a limited menu of baked goods, snacks, coffee, and beverages. There are also vending machines if you wish to purchase from there instead.

Of course, restrooms are located at the TTC should nature call!

Our final piece of advice when passing through the TTC, wear those patience pants and leave plenty of time to travel! Pre-pandemic, we’ve seen enormous crowds waiting.

Until next time… Cheers!!!

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