Disney World Stroller Hacks

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Good day and welcome back to KatDoesDisney! I’m always looking to share tip and tricks that make life easier in the Disney Parks. This post will be all about my tried and true Disney World stroller hacks. I hope you find them just as useful!

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These stroller hacks are good for any stroller, regardless if you bring your own or rent one! If you’re renting one, just remember to return it in its original condition.

1. ID Your Stroller with Yarn

You usually get stuck parking your stroller in, what I like to call, the “Sea of Strollers.” There are designated stroller parking sections that are attended to by Cast Members. They often move strollers around during the time you are enjoying the attraction or dining reservation. That means, when you return, your stroller may not be in its original location! Thus, it always helps to have something on it to catch your eye!

I’ve always made colorful yarn braids to tie around our stroller handles. They are cheap and easy to make! I purchase brightly colored yarn at my local craft store and just braid away!

2. Track Your Stroller with Tile

There are some “Sea of Strollers” that are harder to navigate. One such “Sea” is at the Kilimanjaro Safaris in Animal Kingdom. There are two separate sections to the stroller parking area. If I didn’t have Tile on my stroller, I wouldn’t have found it! Tile is a little device that you can zip tie to the stroller (or backpack or whatever) that keeps track of your item using GPS. To find my stroller, I activated my Tile through the app and just followed the music! I highly recommend having a Tile attached to any important item you have in the Disney Parks! The extra security is worth it!

3. Spray Your Stroller with Bug Spray

If you’re like my family, then mosquitos love you! Disney World has great bug control, but I prefer another layer of protection. What’s great about bug spray is that you don’t have to spray it directly on your skin to obtain that “go away” effect! Thus, I take my favorite bug spray (OFF! FamilyCare) and spray it directly on the outside of my stroller. That way my son is protected without needing to have it on his skin!

4. Bring a Stroller Handle

My son loves to explore and strives for some big kid independence. This means, he enjoys time out of his stroller to walk on his own. However, he never walks in a straight line and doesn’t always stay close to the family. Sound familiar?! Well, I have the perfect hack for you… Invest in a Tagalong Stroller Handle. This little gadget hooks easily onto the stroller and gives your child something to hold onto while walking on their own. This keeps them close, but just far enough that they won’t trip over the wheels! Bonus is you can even use it on shopping carts for trips to the grocery store!

5. Organize Using Bags

I always find that I’m shoving items into the underneath stroller compartment and praying that they don’t fall out or that I can locate them again! This was such a pain, especially when I needed to find something quickly. Now, I organize everything into separate Ziploc bags. One for snacks and candy, another for sunscreen and bug spray, and a third for any miscellaneous items we collect along the way! This little bit of organization will make your life so much easier!

Those are my tried and true Disney World stroller hacks! I hope you find them just as useful! If you’re looking for more tips and tricks for driving to Disney World with kids, check out our previous post!

Until next time… Cheers!!


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