Creating Disney World Magic at Home

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One of the hardest things to do is recover from a Disney World trip. We are always devastated to leave the Happiest Place on Earth. To help with this Disney withdrawal, here are some great ways for creating Disney World magic at home!

Creating Disney World Magic at Home
Be sure to channel Sorcerer Mickey and create some Disney magic right at home!

Cook a Disney Meal

I love to cook for my family and have a lot of fun taking inspiration from Disney! There are a few ways you can go about creating Disney World magic right at home with food!

  • Make Mickey Mouse shaped food items: I adore my Mickey Mouse waffle maker! It is my favorite way to make Mickey Mouse shaped food items at home that my family enjoys. I’ll take a basic waffle recipe, add chocolate chips (because why not?), and even mix in a little food coloring for another touch of fun! I’ve even freehanded Mickey Mouse pancakes for a special breakfast treat. Don’t want to make your own? Be sure to check out your local grocery store’s freezer section for Mickey Mouse ice cream bars!
  • Cook with a Disney movie in mind: It is a lot of fun to plan a snack or meal around a Disney favorite! If you like The Princess and the Frog, why not make some jambalaya and beignets? Or want to eat like Timon and Pumbaa? Try some worms and dirt cups for dessert!
  • Follow a favorite Disney cookbook or recipe: One of the many things that makes Disney amazing is that they share their recipes! If you’re at Disney World and enjoy a particular item, be sure to ask your server or Cast Member for the recipe. There are also a lot of Disney food copycat recipes online. You can also purchase a Disney cookbook for authentic recipes!
Creating Disney World Magic at Home
I’d be lost without my Mickey Mouse waffle maker!

Decorate with Disney in Mind

I love having little Disney touches around the house that remind us of our amazing vacations! I have little Mickeys peaking out at us all over the house. A lot of the items I’ve collected from my travels to The World, but keep an eye out for sales on to stock up. I adore their holiday collections as well. Almost all of my Christmas decorations are Disney related!

Have a Disney Movie Night

We love watching Disney movies, so movie night (or day) is a must in our house. If you like Movies Under The Stars at the Disney World Resort hotels, then watch a movie outside at home! Amazon has the inflatable outdoor movie screens to recreate a movie under the stars. You can even pair a Disney themed meal or snack with your movie night!

Creating Disney World Magic at Home
We love watching Disney movies!

Play Disney Music

This can sometimes drive my husband nuts, but I love playing the Disney Parks soundtracks! Hearing the park music brings me right back to Disney World (I”m actually listening to it as I type!). I’ll even play the movie soundtracks around the house. Whatever is available on YouTube or Amazon is filling our house with music!

Showcase Your Disney Memories

If you’re looking to create Disney World magic at home, then be sure to have pictures and video on hand! If you’re really crafty, you can make fun scrapbooks of your vacation memories. Using our PhotoPass pictures, I like to create vacation photo albums. I’ve also gotten pretty good at editing our videos for the family to enjoy!

We love pictures of Cinderella Castle! B

Plan Your Next Trip

Nothing helps Disney withdrawal than planning your next trip! I find the vacation planning just as exciting as actually going to the Parks. Having another vacation countdown will certainly lift those Disney spirits!

These are my favorite ways for creating Disney World magic at home! I hope they help you cure that Disney withdrawal!

We will see you Sunday for an all new Snippet and Monday for another full length post! Cheers!!

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