Best Brunch at Disney World

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Why is it that combining breakfast and lunch creates the best possible meal? I adore having brunch! This meal just screams vacation mode to me. So today we will discuss the best brunch places at Disney World. Bon appetite! 

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Here are the top places to have a nice, leisurely brunch at Disney World. Yes, you can actually sit back and relax while at The World! The majority of these locations will be at Disney Springs, so no park ticket is required. I highly recommend Advance Dining Reservation (ADR) to secure your table for brunch. Be sure to read through our ADR guide for tips & tricks!

Pro tip: Schedule brunch for your travel days! That way you can either ease into your vacation or take a breather before leaving.

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Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ (Disney Springs)

Homecomin’ serves up some incredible food and brunch is no exception! Saturdays and Sundays offer up a delicious Southern-style brunch from 10:00 am until 2:00pm (full menu available after 11:00 am). This specialty menu features their famous fried chicken, house-made donuts (yum!), and short rib hash! If you’re looking to go all out, be sure to try their open-faced biscuit topped with that fried chicken, eggs, pimento cheese, and smoked bacon covered with sawmill gravy! In addition to the food, Homecomin’ also has a wonderful brunch cocktail menu so you can find the perfect pairing to your meal. Come hungry!

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Wine Bar George (Disney Springs)

If you’re a wine lover like me, then you can’t pass up Wine Bar George. This location features amazing food and wine from fMaster Sommelier George Miliotes. Best thing is, they serve up a special Wine Country Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 am to 3:00pm! Do you like the Dole Whip? Well, then you’ve got to try their adult version! The Frozcato Mimosa blends that famous Whip with Moscato and either vodka or prosecco for the perfect Disney brunch cocktail. Enjoy classic eggs benedict, a hearty Wine Country omelete, or steak and eggs frites for your main meal!  So pull up a chair to your favorite wine barrel table and dig in! 

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Raglan Road (Disney Springs)

Raglan Road is just an all around fun location to dine at Disney Springs! The energy, atmosphere, entertainment, and food together offer a winning combination! Luckily, brunch is served on weekends from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Raglan Road serves up their Celtic feast family-style featuring a full Irish breakfast with sausage, black and white pudding, bacon, roasted tomato, potatoes, mushrooms, and fried eggs. If you prefer something sweet, check out their pancakes with berries! The dancers energize the room at noon while dancing to jigs played by an authentic Irish band.

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California Grill (Contemporary Resort)

If you’re looking for a more elegant brunch overlooking Magic Kingdom, then you have to try California Grill. Located at the top of the Contemporary Resort, the amazing food and stunning views will take your breath away! Walk in to the restaurant greeted with live music and complimentary mimosas. This “Brunch at the Top” includes a full, all-you-can-eat buffet of both savory and sweet options, choice of entree, one signature cocktail (for adults), and even complimentary valet parking. Brunch at the Top is offered Sundays only and reservations are strongly recommended! Cost is $80 USD for adults and $48 USD for kids ages 3 to 11.

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There you have it! The best brunch locations at Disney World. 

Don’t forget to tune in on Sunday for an all new Snippet! Until then, cheers!!


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