All New Epcot Festival at Disney World!

Hi all and welcome back again to KatDoesDisney! There were certainly some surprises that came with Disney World’s reopening, but one of them involves our favorite park. Epcot now has an all new festival in Disney World and it is the longest one yet! Here’s what you need to know about the Taste of Epcot International Food and Wine Festival!

What is it?

Well, this brand new Epcot festival at Disney World is a mini version of the ever popular, International Food and Wine Festival. Due to COVID-19, Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival was cut short and, who knows what things will be like come this Fall! Thus, this is Disney’s answer to the coronavirus conundrum over in Epcot!

When is it?

The Taste of Epcot International Food and Wine Festival is running currently and, as of this posting, has no announced end date. Celebrate!!

What does it have?

So what is included in this new Epcot festival at Disney World? As the name suggests, this festival is a taste of the typical International Food and Wine event we are used to. In keeping with social distancing guidelines, this event is missing some bigger aspects. This includes no food workshops and seminars as well as the Eat to the Beat concert series! However, there are food booths that serve up favorites from the Flower and Garden as well as the Food and Wine Festivals! There are fewer this year, 20 to be exact. During a typical Food and Wine Festival there are 34! In addition to the food, there is special merchandise as well as topiaries dotting the Epcot landscape.

Guests will, of course, be required to follow safety and social distancing rules. You will be, however, allowed to pull down your mask when eating or drinking at a designated table. That’s right, no munching or sipping as you stroll around World Showcase!

What are the reviews?

The general verdict so far is that, given the pandemic, this is a nice alternative! It is very interesting and unique to get an event that is a combination of both Flower and Garden as well as Food and Wine. I mean, sweet corn funnel cakes?! Yes, please!! Check out what Disney Food Blog has to say:

What are your thoughts on this new Epcot festival in Disney World?

Until next week… Cheers!!



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