All About Tickets to the Disney World Parks

So, you’ve decided to book a vacation to the Disney theme parks. Now begins the task of purchasing the tickets that gain entry into these magical lands! There is a lot to choose from! Selecting the correct ticket can make the world of difference for the vacation and your wallet. Thus, here’s everything you need to know about purchasing tickets to the Disney World parks.

General Ticket Information

The World is home to 4 fantastic theme parks, 2 water parks, and a shopping/entertainment district. You will only need to purchase tickets to the Disney World theme or water parks. You will not need to purchase a ticket to shop-til-you-drop at Disney Springs!

In general, children ages 3+ will require a ticket to the Disney parks. Thus, kids 2 and under are free! Anyone 10+ years old will need to purchase an adult ticket.

Currently, all ticket prices, with the exception of the Annual Pass, are calendar-based. Thus, when purchasing your tickets you will need to indicate the date they will first be used. Generally speaking, tickets will cost more during busier times of year (summer, holidays, etc.). For 2019, the cheapest time to visit is September.

All About Tickets to the Disney World Parks
Chip and Dale are having a blast in Animal Kingdom!

There is no change fee to modify the dates of your tickets. However, if you need to alter your dates to visit during a more expensive time, you will be charged the difference in cost. Disney will not refund you or make up the difference in price if you move from a more expensive to less expensive time to visit. Also, tickets are non-refundable.

There is an option to pay an additional fee so you can use your ticket(s) at anytime. This Flexible Dates Option increases in price the more days you add to your ticket. For example, this fee is $42 USD for a 1-day ticket but $106.02 USD for a 6-day ticket. With the Flexible Dates Option, you must use up all days on your tickets within 14 days after first use.

FastPass+ is available for all ticket options. See my guide to make the most of your FastPasses!

Types of Tickets

1 Park per Day Ticket

As the name suggests, this type of ticket will allow you entry into 1 park per day. You are allowed reentry into that same park later in the day as well! So if you need to head back to the resort for a mid-day nap, you do not need to pay again to reenter the park. As mentioned above, the cost per ticket varies depending upon the time of year you plan to use it. In general, the cost for an adult ticket ranges from $109-125 USD. Also, the more days you add to the ticket, the cheaper the cost per day is. For example, a 1-day ticket is $109 USD whereas a 6-day ticket will cost $70 USD per day.

Pro Tip: Purchase your tickets online before going to the parks! You will save $20 USD per 3-day ticket compared to the buying them in-person at the ticket window.

All About Tickets to the Disney World Parks
Be sure to visit Pandora- The World of Avatar! The theming is incredible.

Ticket with Park Hopper Option

If you wish to visit more than 1 park per day, then you will want to add on the Park Hopper Option. My family and I always get this as we usually split our day between 2 parks (1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon for dinner reservations!).

The cost for this option is an additional $60 USD per ticket.

Ticket with Park Hopper Plus Option

If you want to visit multiple parks as well as enjoy the 2 water parks or other Disney offerings, then you will want to purchase the Park Hopper Plus Option. The 2 water parks on Disney property are Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach! The Park Hopper Plus also included visits to ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, Oak Trail Golf Course, Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Course, and Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course.

In general, if you purchase a 4-day ticket with Park Hopper Plus Option, you will receive 4 visits to the options above. A 6-day ticket with this option will give you 6 visits to everything in the pervious paragraph. You get the idea…

The cost for this is an additional $80 USD per ticket.

All About Tickets to the Disney World Parks
End your day with the Happily Ever After nighttime spectacular at Magic Kingdom!

Discounted Tickets

Disney does, on occasion, have deals on tickets (buy x days get x day free, type stuff). However, it is very rare. Usually the available discounts are on resort stays and dining. BUT, if you buy your tickets directly from the source, then you know will not have issues redeeming them.

There are a lot of different locations that offer discounted tickets to Disney World. Buyer beware because there are complete scams out there!

According to Dad’s Guide to WDW, there is one official Disney World ticket seller, the Official Ticket Seller. Check them out to see if they are running any specials!

A more recent place to buy discounted tickets is, believe it or not, Sam’s Club! Their Travel and Entertainment department is currently offering $75 USD off gate ticket price.

Finally, Florida residents get GREAT deals on tickets to Disney World! Right now Disney is offering 3-day Discover Disney Ticket for only $175 USD. So, worst case, you could just move to Florida!

All About Tickets to the Disney World Parks
Edna Mode is a great character to meet at the Disney World parks!

Be sure to check back because the next post will be all about Disney World’s Annual Passes! I actually prefer them over regular tickets as they can really save you some money.

Until then… Cheers!!

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