5 Mistakes to Easily Avoid in Disney World

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There are so many things happening in Disney World, that it can be challenging to pick the ones that optimize a vacation. This post contains things I have learned not to do while visiting The World. Thus, here are my top 5 mistakes to easily avoid in Disney World!

1. Pay for Water

Oh my gosh! This is the BIGGEST mistake I ever made going to Disney World. Floridian heat can be unbearable, so staying hydrated is an absolute must! I learned relatively recently that you do not need to pay the astronomical amount Disney charges for each bottle of water (currently it is $3.50!). Here’s what I do to avoid overpaying for my H2O:

  • Ask for ice water at a counter service restaurants. They will give you FREE ice water and sometimes, if you are lucky, they will give out the large cups! Pro tip: Sunshine Seasons in Epcot’s the Land Pavilion allows you to fill up the large cups with ice water!
  • Bring an empty water bottle and fill up at the Baby Care Centers. They offer FREE cold filtered water!
  • There are water fountains throughout the parks where you can fill up for free. I’ve seen the janitorial staff cleaning them in the mornings, so they tend to be clean! The only downside is that some fountains have warm water. It may not be ice cold!
5 Mistakes to Easily Avoid at Disney World
Don’t pay for water in Disney World!
Photo by: Serenity Mitchell

2. Don’t Consider the Annual Pass

We did the math in another post, and the Annual Pass is worth it if you plan on going to the parks for at least 12 days! There are so many perks to having the Annual Pass compared to a regular park ticket such as merchandise, food, and resort discounts, free standard parking at theme parks, designated entrances in the theme parks, and ability to attend special events and purchase exclusive merchandise! I wish I knew about this before! Not only do you feel special as a Passholder, but you have access to money-saving discounts.

3. Don’t Consider Booking DVC

I recently wrote a post all about taking advantage of Disney Vacation Club (DVC) for nonmembers. After experiencing the bang you get for your buck at a DVC resort, we will not be staying in a regular Disney room moving forward! You can save a ton by renting DVC points from a 3rd party or even by securing a cash reservation directly through Disney. We absolutely love the space offered in a DVC villa. You just can’t beat having a full kitchen, large bathroom(s), and washer and dryer unit. This is simply the best when traveling to Disney with kids!

5 Mistakes to Easily Avoid at Disney World
The bonuses to staying in a DVC resort studio or villa are amazing!

4. Don’t Use Baby Care Centers

If you are traveling with kids, not just babies, you must take advantage of these Baby Care Centers. They have clean changing tables, private nursing rooms, and even eating/television areas to unwind. There are even small items such as medications, diapers, wipes, etc. for sale. This is a great place to stop and unwind for the whole family (read why it is important to unwind!). There is 1 Center per park, so do not pass these them up!

5 Mistakes to Easily Avoid at Disney World

5. Don’t Order Kids’ Meals for Adults

Don’t underestimate the amount of food given in a kids’ meal at Disney World! We often found that the adult portions are expensive and our appetites just aren’t as big when in the Floridian heat all day. Although kids’ meals are *technically* for ages 3-9 years, you can absolutely purchase them for yourself (I’ve never had a Cast Member tell me “no”)! Each meal comes with a main, 1 or 2 sides (depending upon the location), and a beverage. Plus, ordering from the kids’ menu will save you a few bucks. For example, a chili-spiced crispy fried tofu bowl at Satu’li Canteen is $12.49 USD for adults and $7.99 USD for kids!

5 Mistakes to Easily Avoid at Disney World
Try ordering that kids’ meal at
Disney World!

Bonus: Assuming a Vacation Package is Worth it

It can seem like you’re getting a deal by booking a Magic Your Way Vacation Package through Disney. However, I’ve saved a ton of money by buying an Annual Pass and booking a DVC resort stay separately. You absolutely do not need to package it all together to get the best deal!

I hope these tips will help you easily avoid 5 mistakes when traveling to Disney World! Let me know yours in the comments below!


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