15 Disney World Fun Facts

One of my favorite things about Disney World is that it is SO MUCH MORE than a theme park. There are so many hidden secrets and interesting tidbits that you can experience or learn something new every trip! Here are 15 of my favorite Disney World fun facts.

1. Mickey and Minnie’s Wardrobe

Both Mickey and Minnie have extensive wardrobes so they are ready for any occasion! The Big Cheese himself has over 136 different outfits ranging from scuba gear to a tuxedo! Minnie Mouse has more than 100 from elegant evening gowns to cheerleader ensembles!

15 Disney World Fun Facts
How many Mickey Mouse outfits have you seen?

2. “Stones” in Cinderella Castle

This is one of my favorite Disney World fun facts! Ever wonder how many stones make up Cinderella Castle? Get ready for this because the answer is….. NONE! The entire building is made of fiberglass.

3. Those Turkey Legs

One of the most notorious snacks at the Disney World parks are those turkey legs. Guests consume more than 1.8 million pounds of these legs annually!

4. The Taller The Better!

The tallest attraction on Disney World Resort property is Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom. This thrilling, high speed coaster is just under 200 feet and is followed closely by Hollywood Studio’s Tower of Terror Hotel (199 feet).

15 Disney World Fun Facts
Are you brave enough to ride the tallest attraction at Disney World?

5. The Largest of the 4 Theme Parks

This one stumps a lot of guests, but the largest theme park on Disney World property is Animal Kingdom! It encompasses 403 acres and its centerpiece is the Tree of Life that 14 stories tall and 50 feet wide at the base.

15 Disney World Fun Facts
The Tree of Life is the centerpiece of Animal Kingdom.

6. A 5-Legged Goat

Did you know that the large mural by Mary Blaire in the center of the Contemporary Resort is home to a 5-legged goat?! Look closing because it is facing the monorail track. Can you spot it?

7. Sand-Bottomed Pool

The Beach Club Resort’s Stormalong Bay is home to a very popular sand-bottomed pool. What makes this one special is that it is actually the largest one in the world! It holds a whopping 750,000 gallons of water!

15 Disney World Fun Facts
Stormalong Bay is home to the largest sand-bottomed pool in the entire world!

8. Not Such a Small World

The Disney World resort is not small at all! It covers nearly 40 square miles and is about the size of San Fransisco or 2 Manhattan islands.

9. Wet Your Whistle

Guests to the Walt Disney World resort consume more than 75 million Cokes and 13 million bottles of water!

15 Disney World Fun Facts
Coke is very refreshing on a hot day at the Disney World parks!
Photo by: Leighann Renee

10. Farm to Table

Another one of my favorite Disney World fun facts! Did you know that fruits and vegetables grown in Epcot’s Land Pavilion are served in the Disney World restaurants? Be sure to check out Garden Grill– they definitely serve them and it is my favorite character dining!

15 Disney World Fun Facts
The fresh produce at Garden Grill is grown right on property! Check out those Mickey shaped cucumbers 🙂

11. Hi Ho!

Ever ride the very popular Seven Dwarves Mine Train in Magic Kingdom? Those 5-car trains sway independently, making for a very smooth attraction! Be sure to check out my post about FastPass+ so you can ride this amazing attraction!

15 Disney World Fun Facts
Be sure to get a FastPass+ to experience the smooth ride on Seven Dwarves Mine Train!

12. High Flying Pachyderm

Versions of the popular “Dumbo” attraction have been included in every Disneyland styled theme park since 1955. This includes Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Shanghai Disneyland.

Dumbo is one popular pachyderm!

13. Just Keep Swimming!

Did you know where the )largest pool on Disney World property is (not counting the water parks? Well… it is The Big Blue Pool at the Art of Animation Resort! It holds 310,000 gallons of water!

14. You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Ever look down at the ground when in Hollywood Studio’s Toy Story Land? If you do, you’ll come across Andy’s giant footsteps! They are 25 feet long or equivalent to a size 240 shoe.

15 Disney World Fun Facts
Can you spot Andy’s footprint?

15. Even Miracles Take a Little Time

Inside the walkway through Cinderella Castle are five glittering mosaic murals. These murals depicts the tale of “Cinderella” and took a team of 6 people and over 2 years to complete!

Be sure to walk through Cinderella Castle to see the gothic-style murals!

If you liked this post, then I highly recommend going on the Keys to the Kingdom tour at Magic Kingdom. You will learn SO MUCH more about this iconic Disney theme park. We loved it and I know you will too! Here are some posts I recommend reading if you are driving to Disney World or traveling with kids.


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