Surviving Rainy Days at Disney World

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We know Florida can have some pretty extreme weather! We already shared our veteran tips for staying cool at Disney World, but what happens if it rains? We’ve traveled to The World and enjoyed ourselves despite it! Crowds tend to get lower when it rains, so it is actually a very pleasant experience if you’re prepared! So here are our tips for surviving rainy days at Disney World!

1. Bring Rain Gear

Definitely go to the parks prepared if there is even the slightest chance of rain! If it is very likely to rain, then I pack our reusable ponchos (each family member gets their own color!). If the chance is low, then I bring along the disposable ponchos since they take up less room. We usually have some small umbrellas with us as well as a stroller rain cover. I highly recommend having that cover for the stroller because it has saved us on numerous occasions! I’ve even learned to put in on while we are experiencing an attraction or eating a meal. I don’t want to find out how long it takes for a stroller to dry (and don’t feel like carrying my son around the park!).

Pro Tip: Disney Parks do sell ponchos and umbrellas, but save a few bucks and order them from Amazon. Plus, it will be easier to see your family members because a lot of folks will be wearing the Disney versions!

Surviving Rainy Days at Disney World
Mickey won’t let a little rain wash away his smile!
Photo by: Jonathan Kemper

2. Consider Your Shoes

My husband and I went to Hollywood Studios during a rainstorm in sneakers and squelched our way around! It wasn’t the worst having wet feet, but it was difficult to dry our shoes at the hotel. I recommend packing a second pair of sneakers or just having water friendly shoes. Lots of guest love Teva sandals or even Crocs!

3. Wear Layers

The Disney Parks do not skimp on air conditioning, however, going inside during a rainstorm can get very cold! Thus, I recommend having a few layers to keep those chills at bay. This will also come in handy in case you get wet!

4. Go Inside Attractions

I actually don’t mind waiting in line if it is raining! If an attraction is nearby that has an indoor queue, it’ll be perfect to wait out the storm and stay dry. Chances are high that by the time you get out, the rain will be finished! Other great options are to go do a meet and greet or see a show. There’s no better way to stay dry!

Toy Story Mania! is a great attraction for a rainy day! Fun for the whole family and completely inside!

5. Enjoy a Long Meal

A rainstorm is the perfect excuse to sit down, take a break, and enjoy a long meal! You don’t have to go to a table service restaurant, any covered or indoor location will do. Chances are you and your family will enjoy a little down time to rest before heading off again!

All-in-all, don’t let rain ruin your Disney World vacation! Following these great tips, you’ll be an expert in surviving rainy days at Disney World. I’m positive you will continue to have a wonderful time.

Keep those eyes peeled for a rainbow after the storm 🙂 Photo by: JD Rincs

Until next time… Cheers!

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