Getting Medication While at Disney World

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Welcome to KatDoesDisney’s first full length post of the New Year! I hope you all enjoyed your holidays. As promised, we are going to continue with a follow-up to our last post on getting sick at Disney World. Today’s article will be everything you need to know about getting medication at Disney World.

Over-the-counter medications

It is very unfortunate, by Disney World does NOT have a pharmacy retail location on property. They have a McDonald’s but not a CVS. How crazy is that?! However, there are several options if you find you need over-the-counter (OTC) medications while at Disney World:

  • First Aid and Baby Care Centers: Located within the theme parks, there are both First Aid and Baby Care centers that provide basic medications (such as Tylenol). Anything given at First Aid is typically complimentary. The medications at the Baby Care Centers are available for a fee.
  • Resort Hotels: The lobby stores at the Disney World Resort Hotels carry basic OTC medications. Buyer beware, the prices on these items are at a premium! Thus, I always recommend bringing your own fully-stocked medicine bag (scroll the the bottom of this article to read more!).
  • Off-Property Retail Locations: If you have a car, it is sometimes best to just drive to the nearest pharmacy retail location to pick up what you need. You can also hail a taxi or schedule a Lyft or Uber to take you!

Prescription medications

Since Disney World does not have a retail pharmacy on location, getting presciption medications can be tricky. Here are your best options:

  • Turner Drugs: Turner Drugs is a tourist prescription service that, for a small fee, will bring your medications directly to the resort hotel. They will even deliver directly to the theme parks! Turner Drugs gets some pretty high reviews on Yelp, so it is definitely something to keep in mind! They will even delivery OTC medication, if needed!
  • Off-Property Retail Locations: The other option is to drive, taxi, or do a rideshare to the nearest off-property pharmacy retail location.
getting medication disney world

Bring a fully-stocked medicine bag!

It can become a time-wasting hassle to get medications at Disney World. Therefore, I ALWAYS pack my own medicine bag that is chock full of anything we could possibly need. Here is what is in my medicine bag for the grown-ups:

This is what I always pack in the child medicine bag (make sure everything you pack is age appropriate for your kids!):

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about getting medication while at Disney World! I hope you find this helpful in the unfortunate chance you get sick while on vacation.

Tune in next week for another all new post! Until then… Stay healthy!


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