Adding Extra Magic to a Disney World Vacation

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I love going on a Disney vacation because of that magical feeling! I’m always looking to add a little extra “pixie dust” to surprise my family. So, here are my top 5 ways of adding extra magic to a Disney World vacation!

1. Wear those free celebration buttons

If you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, graduation, 1st visit, etc. be sure to grab your free celebration button! You can get one at most stores on Disney World property and Cast Members will even personalize them for you. As a matter of fact, one Cast Member at the Screen Door General Store by the Boardwalk Inn was a professional artist and had his own paint pen set! It was the most beautiful pin we ever had!

If you wear your free pin around the resorts and parks, you’re in for a special treat. Cast members and guests alike will likely wish you a “Happy Birthday” or even a “Congratulations”! If you’re lucky enough to be celebrating your birthday, you may even get a few freebies! My son still talks about the cookie he got at the Boardwalk Bakery. The Cast Member was so sweet and walked around the counter to hand him his treat and wish him a happy birthday!

Pro tip: Make sure to put clear tape over the writing on your pin so it doesn’t wear off! Read more about my tips and tricks here!

Adding Extra Magic to a Disney World Vacation

2. Surprise them with Disney Floral and Gifts

Disney Floral and Gifts is perfect for adding extra magic to any Disney World vacation! There’s no better way to celebrate than having a special something sent right to your resort room. Disney Floral and Gifts has everything you can think of to surprise your family. I had a blast creating a special arrangement for my husband when he graduated grad school! He was completely surprised and loved his personalized present.

They have everything you can think of including special Disney treats, alcoholic beverages, flowers, balloons, plushes, etc. to build the best present! You create, place, and schedule your order all online. It is very easy! I will definitely do this again!

3. Commemorate a Milestone at the Barber Shop

Did you know there is an actual, operating barber shop in Magic Kingdom?! Well, there is and they don’t charge you an arm and leg to get a hair cut! Harmony Barber Shop is located near the Emporium gift shop to the left on Main Street USA. It is a quaint little shop but can really add some extra magic to your Disney World vacation, especially if you have a little one with you!

The Harmony Barber Shop specializes in first haircuts! There is no better way to celebrate your child’s first haircut than getting it right in Magic Kingdom. For just $19 USD, your child can receive the “My First Haircut” package. This comes with an extra special “My First Haircut” Mouse Ears hat and certificate. I wasn’t sure how my son would react, but the stylist was a true expert with distracting him! She had bubbles, stickers, and toys… Oh my! She listened to exactly what we wanted style-wise and even saved some locks of his hair. My husband even had his haircut as well!

I highly recommend this experience! It doesn’t break the bank and adds that little extra magic to your vacation. Just be sure to make a reservation in advance.

4. Channel Tinker Bell

So this is a little something you don’t need to rely on Disney to do! Tinker Bell gifts are pretty much the Disney version of Santa Claus (provided by you, not Disney!). You leave gifts from Tinker Bell for your children in the resort room. Some people have the kids decorate bags for Tinker Bell to fill every day. Others opt to hide them around the room. Either way, its something fun and exciting!

Tinker Bell gifts can be anything you like. I love leaving presents that are themed to something that day. For instance, if you are going to see the fireworks, then glow sticks might be fun! Or if you are going to be meeting a Disney princess, then get something for your little royal-in-the-making.

I also love this spin on Tinker Bell gifts by Mom of the Moment… Have Tinker Bell visit in the days leading up to your vacation! This way you don’t have to worry about getting the gifts to Disney. Plus, the magic of Disney starts before you even get there!

5. Dress Like a Favorite Character

Nothing is cuter than having your little one dressed as their favorite character while meeting them! It makes for such a wonderful photo opportunity and souvenir. I’ve even seen Cast Members around the park pretend they are actually a prince or princess! I will never forget a Cast Member bowing to a little girl dressed as Princess Anna. Her face simply lit up in response! It definitely made her vacation. This is a sure way for adding that extra magic to your Disney World vacation!

Pro Tip: Purchase a children’s costume on the website before your vacation. You’re more likely to catch a sale and save some dollars!

Guests 13 years or younger can wear costumes to Disney World. Older patrons are restricted from wearing costumes due to security reasons. Just be sure to check the Disney website to make sure your outfit complies! If you are older than 13 but still want to dress-up, then take a look at Disney bounding! For this you wear an outfit inspired by your favorite character. It is so much fun to make a regular outfit extraordinary!

I hope you enjoyed these top 5 ways of adding extra magic to your Disney World vacation! Be sure to check back for another post on Thursday.


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